Writing and editing

We like doing research and telling stories — so we totally understand if you’re doing that in-house. (Hell knows we certainly would.) But sometimes you might need a little help with the nuts and bolts of producing good written material — or, let’s be honest, you might just want to outsource the unglamorous stuff.

So if you’ve got documentation, software manuals or technical writing that needs doing, we can do that for you. Got some ideas that need turning into scripts for audio or video, or developed into original and click-worthy online content? Give us a shout. We’re also very happy to take on web content management contracts — but we’d rather you called it blogging. (Sometimes the big words aren’t the best words.)

Finally, if you’ve done pretty much everything in-house, but you just need a fresh set of eyes on the material to check it makes sense to someone who hasn’t spent weeks working on it, we can proof-read and copy-edit to whatever standard an style you’d prefer. You know that stage with writing a document, where the sentences are so familiar that they start to lose all meaning — and you start losing the will to live? That’s when you should definitely drop us a line.

The same applies if you want some research done, or someone to write a story (or two) for you. If it’s work with words you need, rest easy, my friend — you’re on the right website.