What we do

Magrathea Unlimited is a research communications workshop, offering bespoke story, research and writing services.

What we do

Our speciality is story — worldbuilding and scenario design, plotting and narrative strategy, characterisation. As we like to say, “we can imagine it for you wholesale”. Find out more about our bespoke storying services.

We also offer a range of research services, from horizon-scanning and literature reviews to briefings, report-writing and auxiliary academic services. Discover how we can can be an outboard brain for your business.

We also like to get our hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of writing. Can we help you with scripts for audio or video content, speechwriting, technical writing and documentation, or proofreading and copywriting to the exacting standards of commercial publishing? Yes, we can.

What we don’t do

As Meatloaf so very nearly put it, we would do anything for words… but we won’t do that.